Friday, December 24, 2010

COBOL/370 compile with OPTIMIZE and TEST?

I'm just now recovering a program that was originally compiled using COBOL/370 V1.2.0.

The signature indicates that OPTIMIZE and TEST were both specified as options to the compiler and analysis of the load module confirms that SYM records are present (confirming the TEST option)  and analysis of the CSECT confirms that procedure division code has been re-located (confirming the OPTIMIZE option).

Currently I do not have COBOL/370 V1.2.0. I only have V1.1.1 and I have compiled the recovered source with this version only to receive this warning message:

IGYOS4022-W   The "OPTIMIZE" option was discarded due to option conflict resolution.  The "TEST" option from "PROCESS/CBL" statement took precedence.

So what exactly is going on here?

Did IBM slip up with V1.2.0 and allow both OPT and TEST?

Did I interpret the option bits in the program signature incorrectly? It would certainly be nice to have the V1.2.0 compiler and to confirm that it allowed OPT and TEST concurrently.

It would also be nice to understand why OPT and TEST are deemed to be in conflict since the program being recovered has apparently been running just fine for the past 12 years.